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5 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Moving to Uvita, Costa Rica

Visiting Uvita is very different from living here. It’s easy to get caught up in the beauty or in the enjoyable aspects of the area and tell yourself that you will move to Uvita without ...
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Cost of Land in Uvita

One of the more common questions foreigners have when they visit Costa Rica and the thought of retirement or owning a vacation home in Costa Rica crosses their mind is: what does land cost in ...
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Costa Rica dream property

Costs & Considerations for Building a Pool in Osa, Costa Rica

Whether you are a lodging provider or homeowner in Uvita or the greater Costa Ballena region, having a pool can be a deciding factor for prospective guests or renters. When deciding whether or not to ...
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5 Qualifications a Costa Rican Home Building Team Should Meet

Building your home, or carrying out any kind of construction project can be a challenge regardless of what country you’re in. This is no different in Costa Rica. No matter how organized or prepared you ...
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Costa Rica construction permits

Requirements for obtaining a building location permit

In order to solicit a building permit in the Osa municipality it is necessary to first apply for a building location permit and be able to provide the reference number. What does the building location ...
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Obtain Costa Rica building permits

Most commonly used building materials in Costa Rica

The most commonly utilized building materials in Costa Rica are steel, concrete blocks, and poured concrete. These materials are easy to find throughout the country though their cost can vary. Wood, a material that was ...
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Common construction materials Costa Rica