3 Recommendations before starting your Costa Rica home construction project

As with any other country, building in Costa Rica is not necessarily complicated, but it’s not without its challenges. Today we are sharing three recommendations that, in our experience, have proved to be useful to prospective home builders prior to starting the actual construction process of building their home in Costa Rica.

Explore different areas of Costa Rica

The southern region of Costa Rica has become a popular location for foreigners looking to build their Costa Rican home. The region from Dominical and Uvita all the way to Golfito and Pavones is an area that has a great abundance of natural resources and is also very beautiful. However, with this rich natural environment come certain factors which are important for prospective homeowners to take into account. For example, Costa Rica as a whole has numerous micro-climates; the dry and wet seasons are very drastic and the southern region is no exception. During the month of February, the climate in the southern region is very hot with very little or no rain. This is a stark contrast to the month of October when the amount of rain that the region gets can cause communication and transportation problems due to flooding, landslides, and other types of natural disasters associated with low pressure systems.

Prospective homeowners are encouraged to get firsthand experience of the different climate conditions in the region they are potentially interested in building in, and to visit different regions of the country prior to starting their home construction project.

Visit different lots, building locations

Once you’ve decided on a particular region of Costa Rica that you like, it’s recommended you visit a number of different lots within that region so that you become acquainted with what is available. It’s also important to consider and investigate any particular land use designations that may exist for any given piece of property. While a specific piece of land may be visually appealing, it’s possible that it may have limitations to the type of construction that can be built upon it.

Visiting a number (and variety) of potential home construction sites is recommended, and researching the land use situation prior to purchasing the lot and starting construction is highly advisable.

Start the permitting process early and be patient

Obtaining the permits to build a home in Costa Rica is not a complicated process but it’s also not the most efficient. Though the system is changing little by little and the permitting process is becoming more efficient with agencies implementing the use of technology, the construction permit solicitation process still requires time.

Patience is key and it is recommended to start the construction permit solicitation process with ample time in order to avoid any delays in your Costa Rican home construction project.

Costa Rica is a small country but it has a lot of biological and geographical diversity, so do the necessary homework to ensure you build your home in the location that is right for you! As a reminder, explore the different regions of Costa Rica, visit a variety of lots, research the land use situation of lots you are interested in, and start your construction permitting process well in advance of starting your home construction project in Costa Rica. And above all else, be patient, as a well-built construction project in Costa Rica will take some time but will ultimately be worth it!

One last tip: an experienced Costa Rican construction company can advise you through the construction permit solicitation process, or even obtain the permits on your behalf.

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