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Many people want to build in Costa Rica, but have concerns. Our project management process makes building in Costa Rica a hassle-free experience by allowing you to avoid common obstacles.

Unreliable building contractors

Language barrier

Confusing building permitting process

Fluctuating project budgets

Uncertain project timelines

Stories of failed projects

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"We knew that even though we couldn’t be on-site during the construction process [they] would ensure our project was a success!"




Get your project plans approved along with the necessary building permits and a detailed project budget.

Preliminary design & estimate

We prepare a no-obligation preliminary 3-D project design and estimate to give you a good idea of what we would build

Approve preliminary design

This marks the beginning of the formal building process. Payment for the building plans and obtaining building permits will need to be made at this time

Building plans and permits

The approximate timeframe for creating your building plans is one month and one more month for obtaining your building permits

Detailed project budget

Once your building plans are approved we will create a detailed project budget so you know exactly how much your project investment will be and the project timeline


We provide regular progress reports so you may follow your project’s progress and know where your project stands at any given moment.

Construction starts

Sign contract and make first payment of approximately 20% of total project

Progress reports and next installments

Progress reports are delivered regularly (every 2-4 weeks, depending on the project) and payment installments are due according to the progress detailed in the project reports

Final inspection

As the construction nears its end we will schedule an on-site inspection where we walk through your project and create a final checklist

Final payment

A final payment of 3% is due one month after the project has been handed over to you and any final details completed to your satisfaction

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"As a real estate agent I have recommended [La Costa Construction] to numerous clients and never been sorry."

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We have helped private property owners, investors, and entrepreneurs build their custom homes, retreat centers, and multi-building hotels successfully, within budget and on time.

Luxury Homes

We have built luxury homes of all sizes, in hard to access locations, and on uneven terrain - all to the satisfaction of the homeowners.

Retreat centers

We have built retreat centers of varying sizes in Osa, Costa Rica.

Multi-building hotels

We have built privately owned multi-building hotels in the Costa Ballena region.

Commercial buildings

We have built commercial office buildings for prominent tour operators in the Uvita area.


We have successfully completed home remodel projects of varying sizes.

Pools & Decks

We have built custom pools and decks as part of turn-key projects as well as additions to existing homes and rentals.

We build beautiful projects without the hassle

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