Most commonly used building materials in Costa Rica

The most commonly utilized building materials in Costa Rica are steel, concrete blocks, and poured concrete. These materials are easy to find throughout the country though their cost can vary.

Wood, a material that was traditionally used a lot in construction, continues to be used in certain areas of the country; however, due to an increasing population and environmental restrictions its use has declined significantly.

Use of steel, block, and concrete in Costa Rica

A majority of constructions in Costa Rica are made from concrete block and poured concrete. Despite the cost of concrete being on an upward trend due to the high energy costs associated with making it, concrete block and poured concrete are among the most economical materials utilized for construction in Costa Rica. Block and concrete are also the most common building materials for builders which surely impacts the final cost of construction.

Steel can also be found in many constructions across Costa Rica however the local cost of this building material has increased drastically due to a global rise in the price of steel.

Use of wood in Costa Rica construction

While wood was the preferred building material in Costa Rica decades ago the growing population of the country has put a lot of pressure on this natural resource. Likewise, environmental restrictions on the cutting of wood has also limited access to the resource and resulted in an increase in the price of wood.

Wood is still commonly used in the construction process for finishing touches, interior accents, furniture, and decks.

Use of gypsum in Costa Rica construction

The use of gypsum is becoming more and more commonly used in the construction of interior walls. The popularity of gypsum is likely due to the increased costs of other building materials in Costa Rica.

La Costa Construction construction material use

If you are unsure about what building material is right for your construction project in Osa, don’t hesitate to contact us. At La Costa Construction we have experience building with all types of materials, including the most commonly used like concrete, block, steel, and gypsum. In addition we also have experience building with E-Z panel, a material that has had excellent results in the south Pacific region of Costa Rica.

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